The News Spy Overview
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The News Spy Review: Innovative Approach To Money Making

The News Spy is an automated Bitcoin trading platform offering its unique and proprietary software ensuring the maximum levels of precision. Besides, it offers an impressive speed of performance that will contribute to smooth trading and making money online. This trading bot has become popular worldwide for being a transparent and safe platform where you can start crypto trading without a need for being a professional crypto trader. If you want to be among those who want to make money easily and professionally, you know that this website is for you.

The News Spy crypto trading platform: benefits and downsides

Benefits of The News Spy app

  • Hassle free registration and verification
  • Regulated brokers
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Easy to use interface
  • Friendly for new traders
  • Responsive and professional support team

Downsides of The News Spy app

  • Not supported in all countries
  • No mobile app
  • Poor range of coins

How does The News Spy work? Understanding algorithmic crypto trading

What makes The News Spy a reputable trading bot? The platform’s software that makes an automated trading system work is the best about it. Once you become a trader on this platform, all you need is to set trading rules, which won’t last more than 20 minutes. The rest will be performed without a need for your involvement. This automated trading system will find the best options to buy or sell coins online so that you can make money on CFD, but this isn’t all about this trading bot:

  • Algorithmic crypto trading: thanks to complex algorithms, The News Spy allows the system to access the market data and the recent trends to come up with optimal deals. Such a system is also backed by AI to ensure higher levels of ROI.
  • No emotions involved: thanks to algorithmic trading, this trading bot doesn’t involve any human sentiments in decision making. It’s purely based on reasoning and analytics, which provide the trading process without any interruptions.
  • Backtesting: once you get started, you may need some help when it comes to setting trading rules and coming up with good trading strategies. With the backtesting feature, you may access the history of trades and assess the most successful ones.
  • Managing risks of trading: any CFD trading involves risks, and thus, you better know that The News Spy has some features you can employ to minimize the risks. At least, you may avoid some possible risks and losing your assets.

The News Spy crypto trading platform details

Any changes in politics and economics are the triggers that will lead to fluctuations in the prices of crypto coins. Thus, it’s important to keep up with such changes, and this is what The News Spy does for you. It’s not only about automatization of the system, but it’s also about the immediate reaction to the slightest changes.

Currencies and payment methods supported

This trading bot is great in terms of accuracy and speed of performance, factors that will make money for you. However, the coins you can find online won’t impress you, as the range offered is limited. For now, you can opt for the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

Still, you can trade these coins against fiat currencies like EUR or USD. In terms of payment methods, you can find the following:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

Customer support

The News Spy has great performance ensuring the profits you can make every day, but what about customer support? If you have problems online, you may reach the support team via live chat. Another way of reaching support is through a help desk page, where you need to describe the problem and leave your email. The response will come soon.


Is it possible to trade on the go on The News Spy? Although there’s no mobile app you can download, the mobile version of the platform is compatible with mobile devices. Thus, you won’t have problems using a trading bot on your devices instead of sitting in front of computers.

Is The News Spy legit?

Is The News Spy scam or real? First of all, it offers maximum profits daily with its pinpoint accuracy. Secondly, it has ultimate safety provided by the latest technology. Finally, it offers a unique approach to trading, giving a chance even for beginners to start trading like professionals. So, this trading bot is definitely legit.

The News Spy: how to start trading Bitcoin?

You better spend some time on the homepage of The News Spy, where you can learn lots of interesting things about the platform and crypto trading. Once you’re ready to move on, you’ll find the registration box where your first steps will start.

  • Registration process: you need to fill out the form and provide your email and phone number required for the verification. You’ll be sent an email to verify your account or you can be given a call from a local broker.
  • Deposit requirement: once your account is verified, you’ll have to invest in your account to activate it. For now, the site’s minimum requirement is $250, an affordable price to change your life.
  • Demo account: before you start trading with real money, you better try a demo account where everything will be virtual yet practical so that you can get needed insights about crypto trading and the platform itself.
  • Live trading: following your payment, you’ll be redirected to your trading dashboard where you can control everything. Here you can initiate a trading bot, yet you may opt for manual trading if you rely on your trading skills.

Bottom line

The News Spy is a cryptocurrency trading platform offering a chance to make money easily and quickly. Every day can be productive thanks to its unique software that ensures algorithmic crypto trading with pinpoint accuracy. So, if you still seek a chance to start crypto trading, here is your chance. Register and make your deposit, and your life will never be the same.